COPER commercialises frozen fish, especially tuna, for the canning, processing and ready meals industries. Such products are commercialised under the Ocean King brand.

We have raw materials of multiple origins. Our long-term cooperation agreements allow us to guarantee a stable supply along the year.

We are mainly representatives for Europe and Northern Africa of PEVAECHE, the top ship-owner of freezer tuna vessels that include a fleet of 13 tuna vessels and 2 merchant ships that fish in the Indian and Atlantic oceans. This holding closed year 2011 with a total of 100.000 tons of tuna caught. Pevaeche´s products are commercialised through company Atunlo.

In 2011, Coper had a sales volume of 97.417 tones of frozen fish, 57.439 tones of which corresponded to tuna. Atunlo commercialised 12.541 tones of frozen fish, of which 12,468 tones were tuna.

Besides commercialising products manufactured by third parties, COPER elaborates its own products both in Spain and abroad, processing cooked and raw (chilled and/or frozen) tuna and freezing pelagic fish.

We must highlight the activity in two of the companies owned by COPER; FRIGROVE, were 60 tons of tuna are processed every day into refrigerated cooked loins mainly for the canning industry in Spain. And FRICAM, where frozen raw tuna loins are processed and tuna and pelagic fish are deep-frozen. Both companies work for Coper on an exclusive basis.

Storage of our products goes through strict quality controls and meets our customers’ requirements. Storage is made whether in the companies we own or in third parties’ cold storage plants. Our priority is to adapt and meet our customers’ needs.
Offering a finest selection of raw materials from different fishing grounds in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans make us have the highest quality of our products guaranteed by independent and specialised personnel that carry out controls at the loading/unloading process and in the collaborating production plants.
We work every day to improve and adapt to the new needs of the market, paying special attention to sustainability of fishing and to the development of new products that satisfy an increasingly demanding market. We focus on supporting responsible and environmentally friendly fishing; our range of products is certified Friend of the Sea and/or MSC depending on the species and origin. Our collaborating production plants are certified Friend of the Sea and/or MSC too, thus guaranteeing 100% certified sustainable products.

ATUNLO assumes as its own the policy contained in Resolution 12-01 ISSF, expressly prohibiting any type of commercial activity and/or relationships with other companies that perform, promote or defend the mutilation of live sharks for exclusive commercial exploitation of fins (“shark finning”).

Our firm purpose of ensuring personal treatment to our clients has made us attend international exhibitions to show our products and services. Our presence at the European Seafood Exhibition in Brussels and at Conxemar in Vigo is an example of our international focus.