Comercial Pernas S.L. was established in 1988, focusing our activity on the representation of several different suppliers to the canning industry such as Albacora S. A., Agramar S. A. and Inpescasa (tuna fish), Aceites Toledo (bulk oil), Sanchez Rex and Metal Rex (cans). Our founder Mr. José A. Pernas Díaz has been involved in the canning industry since 1968.
This year we started the first cooperation agreements with Pevaeche, S.A., the top Spanish group owner of tuna freezer vessels set up in 1978 by ship-owners PEVASA, S.A., INPESCA, S.A. and ATUNEROS VASCOS, S.A. This holding has a wide experience backed by the quality and rigour of the services provided and by the supply of tuna to the main canning industries worldwide.
This was an important year in Coper’s life because we started to commercialise fish from PEVAECHE´s Europe and Northern Africa fleets. This agreement cancelled the representation agreement with Albacora.
In order to focus our activity on the commercialisation of fish by-products (mainly tuna) and bulk oil, the agreements of representation with the can manufacturers were cancelled.
Coper becomes a shareholder of FRIGROVE (Frigoríficos del Grove S.L.) a cold storage company for fish by-products.
Ocean King is created as the brand name for Coper’s products.
Coper signs an exclusive commercialisation agreement for the Spanish market with Asiservy, a manufacturer of precooked tuna loins located in Manta (Ecuador).
Coper reaches an agreement with Grupo Pevaeche to create company Atunes y Lomos S.L. (Atunlo), a company commercialising tuna loins from Pevaeche´s, fleet, and punctually importing tuna from other fleets.
Frigrove starts a new business with the elaboration of boiled tuna loins. At the same time, Coper strengthens its position in the company and reaches an agreement to work exclusively for Coper. The new position of Coper in Frigrove´s shareholding is simultaneous with the start up of the tuna loin processing plant.
Atunlo opens a trade office in Thailand, from where purchases in that Asian area are made, as well as control and inspection work.
Frigrove opens Frigoríficos de Cambados S.L. (Fricam), a new cold storage plant for tuna and pelagic fish, as well as the manufacturing of raw tuna loins. Like Frigrove, Fricam signs an exclusive agreement with Coper. This year, Coper and Atunlo are certified Friend of the Sea to commercialise yellow-fin, striped and big-eye tuna from Pevaeche´s, Atlantic fleet, thus guaranteeing that the sustainability criteria of this organisation are met. Both companies are also certified MSC to commercialise fish and fish by-products caught in fisheries certified MSC too. Likewise, Frigrove is certified as an authorised processing plant.
Coper/Atunlo reaches 80,000 tons of commercialised product, with a sales volume above 300 million Euros. After many years of business relationship, Coper decides to quit as the representative of Aceites Toledo.